Genius Thinking Programme


Our Perceptual Training Program uses perceptual tasks to train the student to fully master early cognitive and developmental concepts necessary for creative thinking and problem solving.

We will enhance your child’s memory power & creativity through imaging, memory training, visual comparison and other Left- Right Brain Training.

Perception involves many aspects of thinking including: matching, remembering, recognizing familiar shapes in unfamiliar settings, recognizing a whole object from its parts, and understanding how shapes orient to each other.

The program will be supported by a wide range of thinking questions, problem solving scenarios, practical hands-on activities, fun worksheets and learning games. There is also a report card for parents to see what their children have learnt every half-yearly.

Our Objectives:

  • Motor Skill Development

  • Left-Right training needs to be started early and be continued in every activity until it is well       established as most of our learning process is based on moving from left to right. It is easy to see why     confusion in this area would create numerous learning problems.

  •   Hand-Eye and Maze skills  

  •    Ability to interpret and understand the information that comes to him through his eyes.

  •  Visual Memory Skills

  •     Ability to pay attention to details and the awareness of similarities and differences.

  •  Auditory Memory Skill Development

    Children may listen carefully but, because they are not translating the speech sounds into immediate meaning,     they may remember only the last five or six spoken words.

Children who cannot follow directions have a similar problem with auditory memory. They suffer tremendous frustration yet these problems cannot always be discovered through a hearing test.

What they will learn :

· to classify

· to categorize

· to generalize

· and lots of Multi- intelligence games..

              Our   Cognitive Activities

  • Practical   problems that demand flexible thinking

  • Multiple fun questions that invite inquisitiveness

  • Fun   Games  to think creatively and critically

  • Uses of   fun activities and worksheets

  • Hands-on   activities to reinforce the learning skills

  • Classroom  activities

  • Auditory   skills

  • Photographic   memory

  • Comprehension   skill


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