9Beads Abacus



The 9beads Abacus course is specially designed for the young brain to calculate quickly and accurately in a fun- filled way. It aims at cultivating mathematical interests and interaction through fun and lively activities.

Children are highly encouraged to learn 9Beads Abacus EARLY in life. With a foundation of essential Abacus skills, it will help them to concentrate and strengthen their memory ability to excel.

Besides learning to do speed calculations, 9B abacus also incorporates fun learning, multi-intelligence training and thinking skills in its program.

9B abacus is a fast, efficient and simple method of doing calculation just by using our memory and both sides of our brain. Using this method, a child will learn to do any types of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in seconds. Besides speed calculation, it helps to develop a child left and right brain at the same time.

It engages the child’s interest in learning through fun math, multi-intelligence training which in turn stimulates a child’s natural instinct of activeness and curiosity.


· Creative Number-Bond Maths

· Whole Brain Development

· Easy Formulas

· Improve Concentration

· Improve Mathematical Skill & Mental Calculation

· Develop Independence And Self-confidence

· Multiple Intelligence Training

· Logical Thinking

· Less Formulas As Compared With The Old Conventional Abacus Program

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